Q. What is Courtesy Pay?

A. Courtesy pay is a service offered to members in good standing who have MHSPFCU checking accounts. If you meet certain qualifications, your checking account will automatically be covered under Courtesy Pay up to $300.00*.

Q. What kinds of transactions are covered by Courtesy Pay?

A. Courtesy Pay covers checks, bill payments and other transactions made using your checking account number.

Q. Does Courtesy Pay cover debit card transactions and ATM withdrawals?

A. We will only pay debit card and ATM withdrawals through Courtesy Pay if you ask us to. If you would like for us to cover those types of transactions, you must “opt-in”. You may “opt-out” again at any time.

Q. What happens if I do not opt-in to have my debit card and ATM transactions covered by Courtesy Pay?

A. If you do not opt-in, those types of transactions will be declined.

Q. Am I charged a fee for Courtesy Pay?

A. There is no monthly fee. You are only charged when you use Courtesy Pay. The fee is $30.00 per item.

Q. What if I prefer to have my overdrafts covered from my savings?

A. When an item is presented against an account with insufficient funds, available funds in your savings account will be drafted before Courtesy Pay is allowed to go into effect. Funds can be transferred from your savings to cover items in any increments.

Q. What if I don’t want my checking account covered by Courtesy Pay?

A. You have the right to “opt-out” of Courtesy Pay at any time.

Click Below to Open Forms

Courtesy Pay Opt-out/Opt-in Form | Debit Card/ATM Courtesy Pay Opt-in/Opt-Out Form

You may fax opt-in/opt-out forms to 601.987.1294 or mail them to MHSPFCU at P.O. Box 958, Jackson, MS 39205. Or if you prefer, you may drop your forms off at the credit union office.  If you have questions, contact us by phone at 601.987.1290 or via email at askcu@EPLinc.com.

* The $300.00 limit is designed to cover clearing items PLUS fees.