We can make your Christmas season a little merrier!

Have you spent this year paying for the Christmas presents you bought last year? Are you still in the middle of the “after Christmas blues”? You’re not alone – it’s happened to the best of us. But the good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way.

With just a small deposit into a credit union Christmas Club account each month, you’ll be ready to shop ‘til you drop this Christmas, with no buyers’ remorse. You might even have money left over to bring in the New Year with style!

sillysantaWith our Christmas Club accounts, you can earn a quarterly dividend (the more Christmas greenery, the merrier!). Dividends are declared at the end of each calendar quarter, for that quarter, and are posted to the accounts on the last night of each quarter. Dividends are calculated using the average daily balance method with a $200.01 minimum average daily balance required to earn a dividend. For our most current dividend rates, see our Dividend Rate Schedule .

So, go ahead – join up! You’ll be glad you did, come the first week of November. A credit union Christmas Club account can help you banish those after Christmas blues once and for all and make that merry Christmas spirit last all year long! Ho! Ho! Hooooooo!

Christmas Club funds are included in the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund coverage administered by the National Credit Union Administration, a U.S. government agency. To learn more about how your funds are insured, click on NCUA’s Share Insurance Took Kit .

See our Fee Schedule for fees associated with this account.