The most important thing for a young man is to establish credit, a reputation, and character. – John D. Rockefeller

loansCredit unions have long served as “Borrowing 101” for those who have never borrowed before. That first loan is usually in the form of a small signature loan for the purpose of establishing credit. Credit unions are known for helping members with their very first loans and for teaching them good borrowing habits that serve them well throughout their lives.

For both new borrowers and seasoned borrowers, we offer an array of loan products. Whether you need to buy a car, take a cruise to Alaska, repair the plumbing, or purchase a tractor, we have rates and terms to fit your budget. We’ll work with you in every way possible to ensure that the application process is seamless and you get you the money you need. We are your one-stop-shop and like the commercial says…

  • Need a car? – We’ve got an “app” for that.
  • Need a motorcycle? – We’ve got an “app” for that.
  • Need a boat? – We’ve got an “app” for that.
  • Need a trip to paradise? – We’ve got an “app” for that.
  • Need… more money? – We’ve got an “app” for that.
  • Need to apply?? – We’ve got an “app” for THAT, too! Click Here to apply.

Apply with us – we’ve got money to lend!

See our Loan Rate Schedule for rates, terms and loan types.