A penny saved is a penny earned… – Ben Franklin

Save with us and those pennies will add up to Ben Franklins before you know it! And the more you save, the more you’ll earn with our share savings accounts. We pay market rate dividends based on the average daily balance in your account. Dividends are declared at the end of each calendar quarter, for that quarter, and are posted to your savings on the last night of the quarter. A minimum $2,500.01¬†average daily balance is required to earn a dividend. For our most current rates, see our Dividend Rate Schedule.

Piggy-BankIt’s easy to build your savings through payroll deduction and direct deposit. Or we can set up electronic debits from your account with another financial institution. And you can always make deposits through the mail and over the counter.

Be assured that your savings are safe with us. Your funds are federally insured to at least $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration, a U.S. government agency. To learn more about how your funds are insured and how you can increase your coverage, click on NCUA’S Share Insurance Tool Kit.

See our Fee Schedule for fees associated with this account.