Money is a terrible master but an excellent servant… – P.T. Barnum

tigerSo you say you’ve got more than just a little money and you’re ready for it to perform? Nothing wrong with that. It’ll jump through hoops with our share certificate program – and just a $1,000 deposit will make you the ring-master!

Share certificates are placed for a specific amount and term at a specific rate. With our competitive rates and terms, you’ll call the shots. Rates are declared monthly but once you place a certificate, the rate is locked in until it matures. Dividends post to your account on the last night of each calendar year quarter and are calculated by the simple interest method using a 365-day basis. See our Dividend Rate Schedule for current rates and terms.

You may not add funds to or withdraw funds from a share certificate but that’s not a problem because you can place as many certificates as you like for as many terms as you like. Should you need the funds in your certificate prior to its maturity, you have the option of borrowing against it at just 2% above the certificate’s annual percentage yield and paying off the loan once the certificate matures. See our Loan Rate Schedule for certificate secured loan rates.

Everybody loves a great performance and this, ladies and gentlemen, is a class act. So, what are you waiting for – the final curtain? Whip your money into shape before the circus leaves town!

Your funds are insured to at least $250,000 by the National Credit Union administration, a U.S. government agency. To learn more about how your funds are insured and how you can increase your coverage, click on NCUA’s Share Insurance Tool Kit.

See our Fee Schedule for fees associated with this account.

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